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Hello these are my latest posts. Though I should probably make some new stuff soon... A lot of this old stuff is embarrassing to look at.

Random Favourites

Random things that I have 'favorited' over the years. Man, a lot of this stuff is embarrassing...



Better drawn Sans by maniac-fangirl
Better drawn Sans
So... I know that I already drew and posted a Sans... But I like this one more. So I am posting this here.

I've been playing around with a fanfiction or maybe comic idea lately where, after Sans kills Frisk, Frisk does not come back, and he ends up gaining the power of DETERMINATION. However, while he gives Frisk's SOUL to break the barrier, he does not follow the remaining monsters up there. Instead he stays below in the Underground... So yeah. That's a thing.
Sans practice by maniac-fangirl
Sans practice
Hey! Guess who has become Undertale trash! This piece of trash right here! Also I just really really wanted to practice shading... Boy do I suck at shading. At least I got to experiment with this image. I am actually satisfied with the highlights on this one... But the shading is atrocious. At least I got to experiment a lot with this one.
Blushing Ford by maniac-fangirl
Blushing Ford
I drew a blushing Ford for all your blushing Ford needs because I wanted to make and post a blushing Ford.

I am still very much experimenting with different lining styles in particular. I should try playing around with other things here soon too I think... Ah well. But yeah... Nothing too complex here in terms of style or experimentation.
Looking Back by maniac-fangirl
Looking Back
Well... It's been about two years since I last posted something here, isn't it? Well, here is proof that I am not dead! Look! I drew a thing from Adventure Time!

So... I was reading Marcy's diary after picking it up from a bookstore, and this image popped into my head... Because... Just... The image of Simon leaving Marceline to the whims of nature as he leaves, saying nothing except that he was headed north... It's a really sad image. So I wanted to draw a sad Simon, walking away from Marceline.

In any case, I experimented a lot with this image, and am actually really happy with how it came out. Though I do feel that it needs at least something of a background to add context... Oh well.

This is the first time I personally figured out how to color the lineart well, so I'm happy about that. Also, I was experimenting with how I lineart it. I think I finally came up with a method that I like for tablet.
I find it curious how time passes. I am not considered an adult, but I feel that little withing me has changed. But I know that it has. I can feel it and, you know, it kind of makes me sad. To see how things have some and gone. To see how life passes us up unwittingly. My evolution as an artist, the way that I write, my motivations, even the way that I act and speak. It has changed so utterly that if you were to see the child that I was, the child that is still preserved on these accounts, the child that is documented on these very pages, how recognizable would I be?

This is the first time that I have come onto here in what feels like years. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. But I do wonder. Out of everyone who I cared for in the years that I passed on here, how many of you are still here? You know, I considered starting anew on here. But I don't think I will. I have grown. I am a new person, and there is no denying that. But I have missed so much. About the people here. About your lives. I sometimes find myself missing it, but I guess I never knew to what extent. I suppose I was scared for a long time of coming back here. But these days... I feel that I have nothing to fear. I've changed as a person. Grown up, so to speak. Met new people, joined other communities. It's nice, I like to think. However, I still have a lot to learn.

So. How has time passed for you all?
  • Listening to: things that tingle my sense of nostalgia
  • Reading: with eyes that now hurt
  • Watching: the worldslip from my grasp
  • Playing: with my circadian rhythm
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None of your concern.
United States
Good to meet you. Some people call me Maniac. Actually, that is what I would prefer you call me. Ihave gone by many names over the year, but still this is the name I am most comfortable with.

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